Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends

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Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends
Type Studio album
Artist Screaming Lord Sutch
Release Date 25 May 1970
Recorded August - September 1969 at
Mystic Studios, Los Angeles.
Mixed at Olympic Studios, London.
Genre Hard rock, blues rock, rock
Language English
Length 35 min 15 sec
Label Atlantic Records
Catalogue Cotillion SD 9015 (US), Atlantic 2400 008 (UK)
Producer Jimmy Page & Screaming Lord Sutch
Engineer Tommy Caccetta

Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends is the debut album of English rock singer Screaming Lord Sutch (b. David Sutch). It was recorded in September 1969 at Mystic Studios in Hollywood and released on Atlantic Records on 25 May 1970. The album featured an all-star line-up with contributions from Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page (who also co-produced the album) and John Bonham, guitarist Jeff Beck, session keyboardist Nicky Hopkins, and Jimi Hendrix Experience bass-player Noel Redding. Rick Brown and Carlo Little were previously with the Savages. Page and Bonham were using some of these sessions to test out Mystic Studios as a possible recording venue for Led Zeppelin II.[1] Many of the musicians who sessioned for Sutch on this album later had grave misgivings upon its release. They were under the assumption these were demo quality recordings of rock standards, unaware that Lord Sutch would be adding lyrics and vocals at a later date, and releasing it as an album. As a result the artists disowned the project and the album did poorly saleswise.

This album has also been released in May 1985 under the title Smoke and Fire (Thunderbolt THB LC 2002).

Album information

Track listing:

  • Side 1:
  1. 'Wailing Sounds' (Jimmy Page, Screaming Lord Sutch) – 2:38
  2. 'Cause I Love You' (Jimmy Page, Screaming Lord Sutch, John Bonham, Daniel Edwards) – 2:46
  3. 'Flashing Lights' (Jimmy Page, Screaming Lord Sutch) – 3:14
  4. 'Gutty Guitar' (Screaming Lord Sutch) – 2:33
  5. 'Would You Believe' (Jay Cee) - 3:20
  6. 'Smoke and Fire' (Screaming Lord Sutch) - 2:38
  • Side 2:
  1. 'Thumping Beat' (Jimmy Page, Screaming Lord Sutch) – 3:07
  2. 'Union Jack Car' (Jimmy Page, Screaming Lord Sutch) – 3:03
  3. 'One for You, Baby' (Screaming Lord Sutch) – 2:44
  4. 'L-O-N-D-O-N' (Screaming Lord Sutch) – 2:56
  5. 'Brightest Light' (Jay Cee, Screaming Lord Sutch) – 3:57
  6. 'Baby, Come Back' (Jimmy Page, Screaming Lord Sutch) - 2:31

Chart positions


Year Chart Position
1970 Billboard 200 (Pop Albums) 84


Year Single Chart Position
1970 Cause I Love You' Billboard Hot 100 (Pop Singles) 80
  • Musicians:
    • Screaming Lord Sutch - vocals, producer
    • Jimmy Page – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals, producer
    • Jeff Beck – electric guitar ('Gutty Guitar')
    • John Bonham - drums, percussion, backing vocals
    • Nicky Hopkins - piano, keyboards
    • Noel Redding - bass guitar
    • Kent Henry - guitar
    • Rick Brown - bass guitar
    • Daniel Edwards - bass guitar
    • Martin Kohl - bass guitar
    • Carlo Little - drums ('Gutty Guitar')
    • Bob Metke - drums
  • Production:
    • Tommy Caccetta - Engineer


  1. Case, George (2007). Jimmy Page: Magus, Musician, Man - An Unauthorized Biography, 1st. New York: Hal Leonard, 81. ISBN 1-4234-0407-1.