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A list of key readings about Medical ethics.
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  • Jonsen, Albert R. (2000) A Short History of Medical Ethics Oxford University Press, ISBN 0195134559. Reviewed in the New England Journal of Medicine May 11, 2000 ("... a scholarly prologue to the evolving world of contemporary bioethics." )
  • Miles, Steven H. (2005) The Hippocratic Oath and the Ethics of Medicine Oxford University Press, ISBN 0195188209. Reviewed in the New England Journal of Medicine May 13, 2004 "...teachers of medical ethics may appreciate Miles's outline of a course designed around the phrases of the oath."
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  • Schneider, Carl E. (1998) The Practice of Autonomy: Patients, Doctors, and Medical Decisions Oxford University Press, ISBN 0195113977. Reviewed in the New England Journal of Medicine March 11, 1999 ("Schneider supports the principle of patient autonomy. But at the same time, he effectively deflates its most unrealistic, and arguably undesirable, pretensions. He sums up his work by observing that "informing our bioethical thinking with an understanding of how the world works will richly reward the effort." His intended audience of physicians, bioethicists, attorneys, and social scientists should agree strongly with this assessment.")
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