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MetroTech Records are a independent Electronic dance music record label, owned by Matan Brzokehmetovic and Karim Brzokehmetovic.

They are notable for recording their music with Windows Sound Recorder, so people cannot steal their music by recording. They have released two compilations - Awakening and Beta. They have a large roster of artists, including Matan Brzokehmetovic himself, and Nu-disco DJ Emin Mrahatovic.

They have had a total of 45 releases so far, (1-12-2013). They produce Drum and bass, Dubstep, House Music, Electro house, Nu-disco, Techno, Trance Music (including Goa Trance) and Hardstyle.

Their artists include:

  • MATan
  • Karim
  • Emin Mrahatovic
  • Quantum
  • 2UPLVL
  • Malik Lazhar
  • Limec
  • Avoto & Kyarner

plus more.

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