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A list of key readings about Miniature Fox Terrier.
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  • Curry, Aleta, et. al (2006). Steward, Julienne, Ill. The 20th Anniversary Show Book: Twenty Years of the Mini Foxie Club of Australia. ISBN 0-9758380-0-8
Illustrated compilation produced by the Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc. Contains an annotated history of the Miniature Fox Terrier, an essay on the history of the MFCA, breeder profiles, interviews with breeders and a pictorial history of working and companion Miniature Fox Terriers. Also contains some rare photographs, used by permission.
  • NSW State Parliament (17th March 2004 and 6th May 2004). Hansard.
The Miniature Fox Terrier was used as an example and compared with Standard (Modern) Fox Terriers during discussions of anti-tail-docking legislation in New South Wales. The Hansard is a transcript.
  • Curry, Aleta (2003). "The All-Australian Dog: The Miniature Fox Terrier", one of a series of articles appearing in The Southern Village View Magazine, © 2003.
Short history of the Miniature Fox Terrier by a dog breed specialist.