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A list of key readings about Model organism.
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  • Jim Endersby: A Guinea Pig's History of Biology, Heinemann, 2007

Journal articles

Suggests a framework for the study of the brain in model organisms at a mesoscopic scale, i.e. at length scales between the microscopic (≤ 100μm) and macroscopic (≥ several mm) levels. Based on the experience with the impact of wide-spread data sharing in other scientific disciplines (e.g. genomics), the criteria for a centralized knowledge repository on mesoscopic aspects of the brain in the rat, the macaque and humans are laid out.
Provides a brief description of The Allen Brain Atlas of the adult mouse brain (strain C57BL/6J) - "a genome-scale collection of cellular resolution gene expression profiles using in situ hybridization" of over 20,000 genes (i.e. most mouse genes then known to encode proteins). Also reports that "approximately 80% of total genes assayed display some cellular expression above background in the brain."