Monopoly (board game)

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This article is about the board game. For other uses of the term Monopoly, please see Monopoly (disambiguation).

Monopoly® is an iconic board game produced by Parker Brothers. The original Monopoly board (1933) involved properties in the city of Atlantic City; a UK version was launched in 1935 with properties in the city of London. More recently some more localized versions have been issued. According to the Hasbro, Parker Bros. parent company, Monopoly has been played by more people than any other published board game.

Game play

The board is laid out with spaces standing for properties in richer and poorer parts of town, four railways and two utilities. Landing on these spaces presents the player with the opportunity to buy the asset, or pay rent or a fee to the actual owner. Additional spaces force the player to take a card; these simulate the good or bad fortune that can befall one in life: winning money, losing money, going to jail, etc.

The object of the game is to create a monopoly, that is, to control an economic market, in this case the real estate market, by a dominant position in the field.