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Parent topics

  • Music [r]: The art of structuring time by combining sound and silence into rhythm, harmonies and melodies. [e]
  • Media [r]: The embodiment or transmission of information, as with the arts, or radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and internet, considered collectively. [e]
  • Management [r]: The act of directing and controlling a group of people for the purpose of coordinating and harmonizing the group towards accomplishing a goal beyond the scope of individual effort. [e]


  • Applied social sciences [r]: Applied social sciences are those social science disciplines, professions and occupations which seek to use basic social science research and theory to improve the daily life of communities, organizations and persons. [e]
  • Flat organization [r]: Organizational structure with few or no levels of intervening management between staff and managers. [e]
  • Information Management [r]: The application of management principles to the acquisition, organization, control, dissemination and use of information relevant to the effective operation of organizations of all kinds. [e]
  • Marketing management [r]: Business discipline which is focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities. [e]
  • Social group [r]: Three or more persons who interact with one another regularly, hold expectations and obligations as members of the group, and share a common identity. [e]

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