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Nahshon Nahshonov also known as “Norik” (born on 28 June 1981) is a Russian entrepreneur and businessman of Russian descent. He has been involved in many types of business and served as an entrepreneur in many different markets.

Early Life

Nahshon Nahshonov was born in Derbent, USSR in 1981, to a successful family and is the second child out of 5 siblings. Nahshonov took after his father Jacob Nahshonov who is also a very successful businessman. Nahshonov’s father and his mother are both Mountain Jews (descendents of Persein Jews living in Dagestan). On 1994 Nahshon Nahshonov immigrated (Made an Aliyah) from Russia to Israel with his family. On 2004 he moved to Vinnitsa, Ukraine where he studies pre-med at the Medical University IM Piragova and after 5 years on 2009 he got his degree in dentistry and was licensed to operate as a dentist.

Business dareer

Following his graduation from med school, Nahshonov moved to Moscow after deciding that dentistry will not be his core business. The same year he founded his company “Marpela” which was the exclusive importer and distributor of Bulgartabac products to all eastern Europe countries and Israel. Bulgartabac produces over 50 cigarette brands when some of them are; Prestige, Femina and Victory.

During the year of 2010, Nahshonov acted as a global trader and distributor between governments when trading the organic compound Urea that serves as an important source of nitrogen. Nahshon Nahshonov traded a quantity of 1.5 million tons of Urea during his active business period. Nahshonov played a large part in the chemical industry when acting as a connecting link between governments with the trading of the raw material Urea.

On 2010, Nahshon Nahshonov was operating as a wholesaler of diamonds where he purchased rough uncut diamonds from Alrosa[1] which is a diamond company based in the Sakha Republic in Russia. Following to the purchase Nahshonov was cutting the diamonds changing the rough material into a faceted gem.

Within 2012, Nahshonov had signed a contract with the well-known fashion icon Michel Adam Lisowski of FashionTV where the contract is the first step in the new venture of opening FTV shops in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The first two shops are scheduled to be open in Moscow and Saint Petersburg during 2013. Nahshonov is the entrepreneur establishing the idea alongside Michel Adam Lisowski and is the sole financial investor within this operation. Nahshonov’s lifelong dream is to open such shop in Israel.


Nahshon Nahshonov has accumulated a substantial sum of fortune though he utilizes his resources for charity and donations. Nahshonov has founded the non-profit organization “Belev Echad” (In One Heart) with the intention to assist disabled Jewish children. Belev Echad is operated by the leading authority Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky when Nahshonov is the only donator of the organization and so far donated millions of dollars which assisted over 3,500 children. Recently, Nahshonov has arranged a charity benefit for children where he funded the appearance of Avraham Fried who is a popular musical entertainer in the orthodox Jewish community and Lipa Schmeltzer who is an American Hassidic singer and composer. This event was arranged for the support of disabled children with the sole purpose of putting a smile on their faces.[2] Moreover, Nahshonov is a constant donor of Chabad[3] when his donations are a part of the funds which support the building of new Chabad centers all over the world. On March 2013 Nahshonov was invited to participate in the Golden Crown (Keter Ha’Zahav) benefit for Georgia’s Jewish community where he got the leaders Token for being one of the most influential Chabad donors.


Nahshon Nahshonov is also the owner of the well-known hotel Ruta Zatoka in Ukraine.