Nintendo Entertainment System

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The Nintendo Entertainment System is the first console released by Nintendo in North America, Europe and Australia. The system was released in 1985. It was the best selling console of its time and helped to revive video games following the video game crash of 1983. It was released as the Famicom in parts of Asia. The system's hardware has been cloned. These hardware clones are called Famiclones.


When Nintendo had success in the arcade market in the early 1980s, they made the Famicom in parts of Asia and it became the best-selling video game console in Japan. Nintendo soon decided to release the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. They had made a deal with Atari to release it, but that deal fell apart. When this happened, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System themselves. The system was released in 1986 in Europe and Australia. The system had outsold every console previously released. The console's dominance ended when technologically superior systems such as the Sega Genesis were released. Nintendo then released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Nintendo Entertainment System was out of the market.