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The Open Handset Alliance is a group of 34 companies who teamed up with Google in an effort to create an open platform for mobile development called Android. The members of this Alliance have been working since 2004 to make the Android project a success. Below is a list of some of those companies:

Their Vision

  • Building a better mobile phone would enrich the lives of countless people across the globe
  • Increased openness which will encourage innovation and enable superior responses to the consumers' demands.
  • Vision for changing the mobile experience for consumers

By the end of 2008, HTC's Dream is supposed to hit the markets as the first Android powered phone.

  1. A first look at the HTC Dream: HTC Dream


  1. Open Handset Alliance Home Page: OHA Homepage
  2. Gizmodo Scoop on Android and the Alliance: Go Go Gizmodo