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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about PAVEWAY laser guidance.
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  • Bang-bang control [r]: A technique of aerodynamic control of glide bombs and related weapons, in which either the control surface deflects completely or not at all; contrast with the proportional aerodynamic control used by manned aircraft and some advanced missiles [e]
  • Proportional aerodynamic control [r]: The form of flight control used on aircraft and advanced missiles, in which there is a continuous range of motion of the control surfaces, so that movements of the yoke or joystick, or equivalent in the flight computer, can produce a corresponding control surface deflection throughout the range from minimum to maximum; contrast with bang-bang control in which the control surface is either deflected or not [e]
  • PAVEWAY I [r]: First generation of PAVEWAY laser guidance kits for conventional bombs, consisting of a gimballed (i.e., mechanically scanned) laser seeker head, a Computer Control Group (CCG), and aerodynamic control surfaces, both "wings" to improve glide and moving control surfaces, usually on the nose, using bang-bang coarse directional control [e]
  • PAVEWAY II [r]: Second generation of U.S. laser-guided bombs, still in partial service as it is considerably cheaper than PAVEWAY I and PAVEWAY III; improved PAVEWAY I still using bang-bang control and difficult to deliver at low altitude, but with a more sensitive seeker and substantial cost reduction engineering [e]
  • PAVEWAY III [r]: Third generation of U.S. laser-guided bomb control, with a principal objective of enabling low-altitude drops; first with a fully programmable computer; considerably more expensive than PAVEWAY II [e]




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