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A list of key readings about Photosynthesis.
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  • Blankenship,Robert E. (2002) Molecular Mechanisms of Photosynthesis. Oxford: Blackwell Science. ISBN 0632043210 (pbk.). 321 pages. | Author website.
    • "The book is aimed at advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in a range of disciplines, including life sciences, chemistry and physics. An understanding of basic principles ofchemistry, physics and biology is assumed."
  • Magiels G. (2010) From Sunlight to Insight: Jan IngenHousz, the Discovery of Photosynthesis & Science in the Light of Ecology. ASP-VUB Press. ISBN 978-905487645X. | Google Books preview.
    • From author's Introduction: The humble beginnings of this book was a very simple question, asked more than ten years ago by a good friend who knew that I was a biologist and had done my graduate studies in botany and plant ecology."Do you know who discovered photosynthesis?" I had to admit that I did nor know. Since then I asked every biologist I met the same question. Nobody was able to give me the answer.