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Pocahontas cover (video game).jpg
Genre(s) Platform game
Year of Release 1996
Platform(s) Mega Drive (Genesis)
Developer(s) Funcom
Publisher(s) Disney Interactive, Sega
This article is about the video game Pocahontas. For other uses of the term Pocahontas, please see Pocahontas (disambiguation).

Pocahontas was a platform game developed by Funcom and published by Disney Interactive in North America and Sega in Europe. It was based on the Disney film of the same name and was released for the Mega Drive (Genesis) in 1996.


© Screenshot: Disney
The plot is in part presented through cutscenes, such as this one showing when the tribe find out that the settlers are coming.

The plot of the game is loosely based around the Disney film Pocahontas, and is presented to the player in the form of cutscenes and in-game dialogue. British settlers set sail to North America and land on the unknown shores inhabited by Pocahontas' tribe. Pocahontas' father wishes for her to marry a great warrior known as Kocoum who is known as a very plain and serious man, however Pocahontas is not sure that it is the best idea as she thinks that her destiny lies elsewhere. She talks to a tree spirit known as Grandmother Willow who advises her to listen to her heart.

One of the settlers, a man called John Smith, starts exploring the land when he meets Pocahontas. She teaches him to open his eyes to the animans and land around him, showing him the world in a new way. She also teaches him not to think of her people as savages. Later they meet at the spirit tree and kiss, however Kokoum sees this and attacks Smith. Another settler sees the fight and decides to 'help' John Smith by shooting Kokoum, who dies. This begins a war between the tribe and the settlers.

The tribe think that John Smith is the one who killed Kokoum so they capture him and take him back to the camp. He will be killed at sunrise and Pocahontas must save him and stop the war.


© Screenshot: Disney
Pocahontas and Meeko need to help each other in order to progress.

There are five levels in the game, however the first level is called Introduction and the second level is confusingly called level one. The player must work their way through the level, solving the problems along the way. There are sixty-five such problems to complete throughout the game. The player takes the role of both Pocahontas and a racoon named Meeko. The player only controls one of these characters at any one time, however can switch between then by pressing the 'switch' button. Many puzzles in the game cannot be completed without the player using both characters to help each other.

Pocahontas can run left and right, look up and down, crouch and jump. If Pocahontas jumps at a cliff edge she will cling on to it and pull herself up. At times she will find rocks and other objects which she is able to push or pull depending on the situation. She is also able to pick up certain objects, and other objects can be used in various ways.

Meeko can also run left and right, look up and down and jump. Meeko is not able to cling on to cliff edges and pull himself up, however he can jump into the arms of Pocahontas in order to reach higher places. Meeko is also able to climb some trees, and can collect fruit which gives the player points. Being much smaller and lighter than Pocahontas, he is able to stand on things that cannot hold Pocahontas, such as lily pads floating on water. He is also able to enter small holes which allow him access to areas that Pocahontas cannot.

As the player progresses through the game there will be a number of animals. If Pocahontas is able to help or impress them in some way they will give her their spirit, which will grant Pocahontas some extra powers. For example near the start of the game Pocahontas will meet a deer who has his antlers stuck in a bush. If Pocahontas is able to free the deer she will gain his spirit which grants her the ability to run. The other spirits are:

  • The otter spirit allows Pocahontas to dive from heights and swim underwater.
  • The bird spirit allows Pocahontas to pick up feathers which will allow her to float down from tall heights without being hurt.
  • The squirrel spirit allows Pocahontas to climb tree branches.
  • The wolf spirit allows Pocahontas to sneak along without being detected.
  • The bear spirit allows Pocahontas to scare away some settlers.
  • The owl spirit allows Pocahontas to see better in the dark.
  • The fish spirit allows Pocahontas to swim faster, which lets her swim against currents.
  • The eagle spirit allows Pocahontas to dive from higher heights.

With the exception of the fish it is not possible to complete the game without gaining all of the spirits. Fortunately the game makes it quite obvious when there is a spirit to collect.

Pocahontas starts the game with six lives, which are represented by leaves. Falling too far will cause Pocahontas to lose a life, as will being attacked by a settler. There are also some drops that will cause Pocahontas to lose all remaining lives. Should the player lose all of the lives the game will be taken back to the last check point which is represented by a pile of leaves, and Pocahontas will be given five more lives.

It is not possible to lose a life whilst playing Meeko, as falls and settlers do not hurt him. Should Meeko fall down a hole that would cause Pocahontas to lose all of her lives then a hummingbird known as Flit will appear and carry Meeko back to solid ground. Flit also makes an appearance if the player stays still for a while, and will make an arrow to show the player which direction they should go in.


By accessing the game menu the player is able to enter cheats. Cheats take the form of one animal spirit picture and five letters or numbers. The first type of cheat is given to the player when they reach a new level, and allows the player to skip straight to that level. The codes are:

  • Level 1 - Fish MXFCP
  • Level 2 - Bird 4ID83
  • Level 3 - Otter S9NKL
  • Level 4 - Eagle GNZST

There are three further codes. By entering 'Bear CH1PV' guards will not shoot at Pocahontas, by entering 'Wolf GLRSN' the player can watch the main ending, and by entering 'Eagle EGLNST' the player can watch the special ending.