Quang Nam Province

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Quang Nam Province is at the center of Vietnam, with Laos (via the Truong Son Mountains) to the west and the South China Sea to the east. On its north are Thua Thien Province, Hue Province and Da Nang Province; Kontum and Quang Ngai Provinces] are on the souththeast.

Tam Ky is the capital. During the Vietnam War, it was in I Corps tactical zone.

It is on National Highways 1 and 14, as well as being on the national railroad system. Its economic development has been slowed due, in part, to limited sea and air transportationl; it has a limited facility at Chu Lai but primarily depends on Danang facilities. It does have two hydroelectric plants under construction, scheduled for completion in 2011, and has a number of industrial parks along Highway 1. At the present, commercial fishing forms a large part of its economy, and it is participating in fisheries monitoring surveillance and control planning.[1]


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