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The term Science 2.0 alludes to Web 2.0 — interactive content creation over the internet — and is frequently used as an umbrella term to describe adaptations of the scientific method to the Web 2.0 era of the World Wide Web.

An important aspect of Science 2.0 is the leveraging or development of Web 2.0 tools and technologies — e.g. blogs, wikis and social networks — for scientific purposes that range from databases to cloud computing to telemedicine. As such, Science 2.0 intertwines with parallel developments in other parts of society, including Library 2.0, Medicine 2.0 and Education 2.0.

Another significant element of Science 2.0 is the Open Science movement, aimed at an increased transparency of scientific research and a wider sharing of its results both within and beyond the scientific community, e.g. by means of Open Data, Open Source and Open Access.