Settlers II

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Settlers II is a real-time strategy computer game, released by Blue Byte Software in 1996. Its gameplay is very similar to The Settlers, with improved graphics and Roman theme. After ten years Blue Byte decided to publish a remake of the game, The Settlers II 10th Anniversary for the PC, and a port to the Nintendo DS, because of the popularity with fans.


Settlers II can be played in campaign or scenario mods. The user can also play "hotseat" in a split screen match with a human opponent with a second mouse. The player's main objectives are building a diverse economy and conquering every computer opponent. The player begins each map with a headquarters, that holds materials and tools. The player can construct buildings and roads between them. Any road connects two flags. Every building has an exit flag in lower-right corner, and player can also raise additional flags. A helper stands on every road section between two flags. Helpers transport materials and tools. The player can gather various resources and transform to another.

The player has a limited area of land, where he can construct buildings and roads. He can expand this territories by constructing a military building (barracks, guardhouse, watchtower and fortress).

The player wins a scenario game when defeat all opponents by conquering all military buildings including headquarters, or a campaign game, when conquer a specific location to go to another level (such as teleport).