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A show dog is one which is exhibited, displayed or otherwise shown off in a competition or performance. The term is used for exhibits in conformational dog shows and for performing animals such as trick dogs, circus dogs, dancing dogs and dog actors. It is not usually employed for dogs in dog sports and may or may not be applied to dogs in obedience or agility and herding trials, as some owners find the term effete.

Show dogs must learn a wide range of skills, and though the species is generally thought to be intelligent, there are breeds that exhibit superior tractability, quick learning and even innovation.

Care of show dogs

In general, show dogs are treated like any other valued pets, but there are exceptions. Grooming comes quickly to mind, as the coat of a dog in a conformation show is very important particularly to breeds with extraordinary coats; Poodles { and Malteses are examples. Long-haired breeds must be tended to continually, some individuals have the hair wrapped to allow them to play like dogs most of the time. The basic training of show dogs is sometimes different: many are not taught to sit!, because they must stand for long periods in a stacked position in the show ring.