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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Stokes' theorem.
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  • Ampere's equation [r]: An expression for the magnetic force between two electric current-carrying wire segments. [e]
  • Ampere's law [r]: The integral of a magnetic field over a closed path is equal to the conduction current through the surface bounded by the path. [e]
  • Curl [r]: A vector operator that describes the rotation of a vector field. [e]
  • Divergence theorem [r]: A theorem relating the flux of a vector field through a surface to the vector field inside the surface. [e]
  • Faraday's law (electromagnetism) [r]: States that a change in magnetic flux generates an electromotive force (EMF). [e]
  • Manifold (geometry) [r]: An abstract mathematical space. [e]
  • Maxwell equations [r]: Mathematical equations describing the interrelationship between electric and magnetic fields; dependence of the fields on electric charge- and current- densities. [e]
  • Vector field [r]: A vector function on the three-dimensional Euclidean space . [e]