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 Definition Military operations in which infantry are carried by aircraft onto, or very near, the target, or by parachuting. The aircraft may be helicopters, tilt-rotor aircraft, short-landing transports, or, historically, gliders. [d] [e]
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Move historical development?

There's always editing to do, but the historical part has gotten both good and long. Since it isn't what someone needs for a quick view of current practice, which I will expand, what are the opinions on:

  • 1. Move history to the end of the article, with a link in the introduction
  • 2. Move history to tab1=History
  • 3. Create an "air assault history" separate article.

Is it agreed that "air assault" is the more general term than "airmobile"? If the former, which I prefer, how do people feel about "assault airlanding" or "airlanding"? In WWII, Germany used "airlanding" as distinct from "paratroops", and gliderborne infantry, while obsolete now, also fell into the category.

So, redirects at least for "airmobile", "AIR ASSAULT II", "Howze Board". Possible redirects, with text in the article, for airlanding. Entebbe 1976 is a good example -- preferences among "Entebbe raid", "Battle of Entebbe", or "Entebbe hostage rescue"?

Howard C. Berkowitz 11:37, 30 May 2008 (CDT)