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The Constabulary has removed a conversation here that either in whole or in part did not meet Citizendium's Professionalism policy. Feel free to remove this template and take up the conversation with a fresh start.

Gotta have an Apple

This sort of gossip has no encyclopedic value and only serves as p.r. for Apple. --Peter Schmitt 18:23, 14 May 2011 (CDT)

Absolutely. That whole section should go. This guy is just a TV chef, not a chief of state, we don't need family tidbits about him.... Hayford Peirce 18:36, 14 May 2011 (CDT)
Below is the page I found that tells about Citizendium writing:

Write lively prose, not "encyclopedese"Writing an encyclopedia brings out a tendency in some writers to make prose dull--perhaps the influence of boring encyclopedia articles we read as children. But we can, and should, give our prose personality. Many writers today have taken William Strunk's pithy injunction, "Omit needless words," to heart. Tightening up flabby verbiage is one of the most needful improvements we can make, but we must not denature our prose entirely: we want our writing to be readable, not encyclopedese.

Another common stylistic rule would have us use simple Anglo-Saxon words rather than hifalutin, impressive-sounding words, but this does not mean that we should prefer a merely adequate word to a really apt word just because the apt word is a bit more obscure. Choose the familiar word rather than the obscure word, but the precise word rather than the loose word.

I was trying to lighten things up as this is not a serious academic article. Yes, Alton Brown is a well-known US TV personality, but writing about him does not have to be dead prose as this article is not something dealing with life or death issues. It's just short bio about someone who has managed to survive 10 years in TV Land.

I would like thank Hayford for his professional edits. I have not read the article page but I am sure he did just fine. Mary Ash 20:57, 14 May 2011 (CDT)

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Constable cleanup

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Now, let's start over. D. Matt Innis 09:07, 15 May 2011 (CDT)