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 Definition A genus of orchids formed by circa twenty species of South America, some widely cultivated because of their large and colored flowers; divided in two distinct groups, one with large flowers and short inflorescences and the other with small flowers and long inflorescences. [d] [e]
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Hi Dalton, I had never really planned for mulltiple galleries but if you have this many photos it might be important otherwise the page sizes will be huge. The header and footers you used will not work as they would be used by any article that had a Gallery1 subpage. There are two strategies. I can code the subpages template to accept multiple gallery subsubpages like Bifrenaria/Gallery/1 and Bifrenaria/Gallery/2. If you'd like tabs at the top a different approach would be too add Gallery1 and Gallery2 to the tab1 and tab2 field and not use the Gallery subpage at all. In that way you would not have a gallery tab but instead a Gallery1 tab and a Gallery2 tab. Chris Day 14:54, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

I just set up the tab1 tab2 option. Note how it uses the generic headers automatically not your page specific headers. Chris Day 14:59, 21 March 2009 (UTC)
Thanks Chris, I will deal with them after lunch. Now regarding the galleries, let's plan them a little bit more. Not for this particular case but for huge genera. Bulbophyllum (the largest) has about 2000 species and correspondent photos (I wish I had them). I might have photos of 200-300 species so far. When uploading these photos I am considering the fact I am not describing any of the species, otherwise there might be just one photo of each at genus gallery and all other photos lodged at the particular species galleries, however, I am uploading more photos now so more information about their morphology is available and, provided anyone shows up to help with species descriptions, the photos are already there, its just a matter of moving them to species galleries.
Now with large genera, maybe we will need to have genera's subgenera, sections, and alliances pages? Do you have any ideas? Maybe having the galleries as catalogs with unlimited numbers? Well, we do not to find a solution as yet, I am not planning to deal with those complex genera so far (furthermore it seems some are going to be split). Maybe the solution will appear out of the blue a it often suddenly happens. Oh, now the CZ system limits the galleries to 30 photos. I guess that's OK. Dalton Holland Baptista 15:30, 21 March 2009 (UTC)
The way you did is perfectly fine. Thank you Dalton Holland Baptista 15:32, 21 March 2009 (UTC)
Sounds to me like the solution is subsubpages. In that way the title can be a bit more descriptive. For example, Bulbophyllum/Gallery/Subgenera. In that way the number of gallery subsubpages is unlimited, as you saw with the list of botanists (26 pages). The it's just a matter of ensuring a good navigation system is available. With such a system then for Bifrenaria you would retain the gallery subpage and have the three subsubpages, titled somthing like Bifrenaria/Gallery/Large species. Chris Day 16:59, 21 March 2009 (UTC)