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 Definition Surgical procedure to reshape or enhance the size of the chin. [d] [e]
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At the time I began editing this article, it was written with an unstated assumption that the placement of synthetic implants at the "mentum" is equivalent to chin augmentation. Although this is certainly far and away the most common current method of cosmetic chin augmentation, I'm beginning to rewrite article to be more broadly accurate. I hope that this article can be one of a large series that discusses surgical proceedures in a comprehensive way- understandable to a person who might be thinking of having such surgery (or who has already had it), but also interesting to professionals who perform it, and to historians of medicine, etc. That will be quite a trick to pull off, but perhaps we can do it. Nancy Sculerati MD 07:20, 21 February 2007 (CST)

This tape is removed about a week after the surgery is performed.

I removed this line and I would like to explain why- to present a philosophy here. Every surgeon does that sort of thing differently, and this sort of trivial detail can be very alarming for a patient to read when he or she has a doctor that is doing things differently. Further, not everybody-even the best people- use tape and to imply that somehow not using tape might be the reason there is postoperative swelling (when in fact there is ALWAYS postoperative swelling, is a mistake). This article should be professional, accurate and easy to understand- but not an amalgamation of "self-help" points for patients, or a post-op instruction sheet. That kind of specific detail is misleading here. Nancy Sculerati MD 09:24, 21 February 2007 (CST)

What about mandibuloplasty?

Should one differentiate in the text augmentation mentoplasty from mandibuloplasty - which, particularly in the East is commonly a reduction mandibuloplasty? The idea is that the reader may not be aware that the chin and the rest of the mandible may be a treated together, or in isolation.

Should one include a section on risks and complications in these medical articles? I think one should. If so, how detailed? My thought is that one can tabulate the potential problems, without having to give incidences and causes - that would be for the person to ask his doctor. In this article, the risk of an osteotomy not setting, and of osteitis, is obliquely mentioned ("As long as the bone retains a good blood supply and resists infection..."), but should elaborate? --Christo Muller (Talk) 14:34, 22 February 2007 (CST)