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 Definition A popular brunch dish of a poached egg placed over bacon, ham, or so-called Canadian bacon on a toasted English muffin and then served with hollandaise sauce. [d] [e]
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Ugh! 'Ere we go again.

Yes, Hayford, Australians do know the difference between ham and bacon. Do they know the difference between ham and...oh, I don't know...let's say e.g. boiing bacon--well, that *is* the question.

Canadian bacon which is of course peameal bacon in fair Canada--duh!--(though it bears no resemblance to either peas or meal (grain) but why should we be hampered by logic)--should probably redirect to bacon, where of course it would be discussed along with streaky bacon and pancetta and Lord-only-knows-what.

English muffin (I can hardly say that without shuddering) should probably redirect to muffin notwithstanding that in the good ol' USA a muffin is not a muffin but a cupcake by any other name. I mean, Heaven forfend anyone admitted they ate coffee and cake for breakfast.

Aleta Curry 04:45, 18 August 2008 (CDT)

Good grief! Some of this I knew, some I didn't. As Professor Higgins didn't say, England, 'murica, and 'strylya are three countries divided by a common language. Oops, add Canada, that makes four! Orowheat Sourdough English Muffins are actually pretty decent it they're browned nicely under the broiler (grill) rather than being trashed in a toaster. And slathered with lotsa butter, bien sur. For a while in Tahiti my French wife and I actually made sourdough, fork-split English muffins, but when we moved permanently to the States, why bother? As you say, 'murkin muffins are actually cupcakes. Although some of them are now about the size of regular-sized cakes. No wonder 'murkins are fat, fatter, and fattest! Hayford Peirce 17:08, 18 August 2008 (CDT)