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 Definition Semiannual journal of the Society for Scientific Exploration, devoted to advancing the study of anomalous phenomena, first published in 1987. [d] [e]
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Is the editorial board current? (doesn't seem to be available online--just the Council for the Society.

It is online, see the following link.

See below for their current editors and editorial board. Chris Day (Talk) 14:14, 30 November 2006 (CST)

Current editors and editorial board:

Professor Henry Bauer is Editor of JSE
P. D. Moncrief is the Book Review Editor
  1. Dr. Mikel Aickin, Ctr. for Health Res., Kaiser Permanente, Portland, OR
  2. Prof. Rémy Chauvin, Sorbonne, France
  3. Prof. Olivier Costa de Beauregard, University of Paris, France
  4. Dr. Steven J. Dick, U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC
  5. Dr. Peter Fenwick, Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK
  6. Dr. Alan Gauld, Dept. of Psychology, Univ. of Nottingham, UK
  7. Prof. Richard C. Henry (chairman), Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University
  8. Prof. Robert Jahn, School of Engineering, Princeton University
  9. Prof. W. H. Jefferys, Dept. of Astronomy, University of Texas
  10. Dr. Wayne B. Jonas, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda
  11. Dr. Michael Levin, Cell Biology Dept., Harvard Medical School
  12. Dr. David Pieri, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena
  13. Prof. Juan Roederer, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
  14. Prof. Kunitomo Sakurai, Institute of Physics, Kanagawa University, Japan
  15. Prof. Ian Stevenson, Health Science Center, University of Virginia
  16. Prof. Peter Sturrock, Ctr. for Space Science & Astrophysics, Stanford University
  17. Prof. Yervant Terzian, Dept. of Astronomy, Cornell University
  18. Prof. N. C. Wickramasinghe, University College Cardiff, UK

In general, I don't think listing the editorial board of a journal is relevant content. For most journals, it includes altogether too many people who often have a relatively minor role in things. In small fields, it typically includes every important person. DavidGoodman 04:56, 12 March 2008 (CDT)