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What is the right way to set up naming for this group of articles? My guess is one article, Transport Layer Security (the protocol's current name) with TLS, Secure Sockets Layer and SSL all redirecting to it. But there are questions. Should this one remain as a separate article? Should the titles use lowercase? Where does https fit in? Sandy Harris 04:34, 28 November 2008 (UTC)

I've never like the TLS term, since it tends to coerce OSI terminology into the IPS. Is end-to-end security any better, and would it pick up https? Of course, nothing is clean when one gets into security proxies...Howard C. Berkowitz 21:22, 28 November 2008 (UTC)
I heartily agree about TLS, but I suppose some might say using "sockets" in the name imposes Berkeley Unix terminology on systems where it does not belong. My first choice would be Secure HTTP; it seems to me that's the point of the protocols and we generally don't use abbreviations like "https". However, that is a bit artificial, so I'm not certain what's best. Sandy Harris 05:24, 2 March 2010 (UTC)