Taylor Allderdice High School

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Taylor Allderdice High School, built in 1927 in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, maintains a long history of superior academic performance among public high schools. The U.S. Department of Education recognized Taylor Allderdice as a Blue Ribbon school, its highest award, in 1994, 1995, and 1996.[1]

Though it has served students of grades 9-12 for most of its history, it has sometimes enrolled and instructed students in grade 8. The school has the largest enrollment of public city high schools in Pittsburgh.

The school's motto is "Know something. Do something. Be something."

The Foreword

The school has published its newspaper, the Foreword, since Taylor Allderdice's founding in 1927.[2] In the early 1990's, the entire run of the paper was archived in the University of Pittsburgh's Hillman Library,[3] and Taylor Allderdice remains one of fewer than sixty high schools in the world to have its newspaper archived on microfilm in a major library.[4] Faculty oversees the professionally styled newspaper's production, ensuring that "...the work focuses on students gathering accurate information and interviews from official sources...".[5] During the 1970's the school considered the Foreword to be "Serving Allderdice High School and the community,"[6] reaching more than 5000 readers.[7][8][9]

Along with its archival distinction at the University of Pittsburgh, the newspaper has spawned such career journalists as Gary Graff,[10] [11] who wrote for it in 1977-1978[12] and professional writers such as Maxine Lapiduss[13][14]Cf. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/s_162034.html. Retrieved on October 4, 2007.</ref>[15] whose bylines appear in 1977-1978.[16] In 1979, the Foreword's news editor, Aaron Zitner, was a finalist in the American Newspaper Publishers Association's annual competition,[17] and the paper received a first place rating in Columbia University's annual Scholastic Press contest.[17] Since its inception in 1986, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism's Crown Newspaper awards, which "are the highest recognition given by the CSPA to a student print or online medium for overall excellence," have recognized the consistently exceptional quality of the newspaper and its staff.[18][19][20]

Today, the school administration represents the paper as "The student newspaper of Taylor Allderdice High School,"[21] using it on the school's web site to document its fund raising efforts, the school board's politics, and to demonstrate the school's prosecution of "the war on drugs in school" and security environment where authorities' surveillance of the student body via cameras extends beyond the school campus "even as far as Pittock" Street.[22]

Selected complete issues of the Foreword can be viewed in pdf format at an online file repository maintained at the University of California, Berkeley at http://static-169-229-215-122.comlit.berkeley.edu/repository/.


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