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I have created three templates to allow for this list of party seats in the UK House of Commons to appear in two sizes:

  • Template:UKHouseofCommonsStateoftheParties - contains the title including the date, which should be edited whenever seat numbers change. The 'tablerows' template is embedded within it.
  • Template:UKHouseofCommonsStateoftheParties-small - as above, but specifies a reduced font size so it can be inserted alongside article text. The font size is set to 75% but the title text depends on the text size in the article, e.g. here, where the font size of the title is reduced to 92% by tags in the article itself. This occurs inside another table:

{|align="right" cellpadding="10" style="width:30%; border: 1px; font-size:92%;" |{{UKHouseofCommonsStateoftheParties-small}} |}

John Stephenson 07:16, 31 March 2010 (UTC)