Tension headache

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In medicine, tension headache, also called tension-type headache, stress headache or idiopathic headache, is a "common primary headache disorder, characterized by a dull, non-pulsatile, diffuse, band-like (or vice-like) pain of mild to moderate intensity in the head; scalp; or neck. the subtypes are classified by frequency and severity of symptoms. there is no clear cause even though it has been associated with muscle contraction and stress.[1][2]


Criteria for diagnosis are available.[2][3]


Tricyclic antidepressant

Tricyclic antidepressants may be effective and may be more effective than second-generation antidepressants acccording to a systematic review.[4] Another systematic review concluded that it is not clear whether any medications taken daily can prevent tension headaches.[5] However, several randomized controlled trials of antidepressant agents included in the systematic review were positive.

Randomized controlled trials of amitriptyline cited by Verhagen et al for prevention of headache.[5]
Trial Author's conclusion
Ashina[6][7] "The lower platelet 5-HT during treatment with citalopram than amitriptyline indicates that 5-HT reuptake was most effectively inhibited by citalopram. In contrast, amitriptyline was most effective in reduction of headache."
Göbel[8] "In the amitriptyline group, a significant reduction in daily headache duration was already found in the 3rd week of treatment."
Holroyd[9] "Cognitive-behavioral therapy and amitriptyline each yielded clinically significant improvements in headache activity...Neither treatment, however, eliminated headache problems.." (no placebo group)
Holroyd[10] "Our results indicate that antidepressant medication and stress management therapy are each modestly effective in treating chronic tension-type headaches. "
Pfaffenrath[11] "Treatment response occurred in 30.3% of the amitriptylinoxide, 22.4% of the amitriptyline and 21.9% of the placebo group."

Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin may have small benefit.[12]


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