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A list of key readings about Thomas Blacklock.
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Besides his poems, Blacklock published several other works.

  • Essay towards Universal Etymology 1756
  • The Right Improvement of Time, a Sermon 1760,in the ensuing year another sermon, *Faith, Hope, and Charity compared 1761
  • Paraclesis; or Consolations deduced from Natural and Revealed Religion In 1767in two dissertations, the first supposed to be Cicero’s, translated by Dr Blacklock,—the other written by himself. This work, in author’s own words, "was begun and pursued by its author, to divert wakeful and melancholy hours, which the recollection of past misfortunes, and the sense of present inconveniences, would otherwise have severely embittered." He endeavours, but without success, to prove the authenticity of the dissertation ascribed to Cicero, which he has translated with fidelity and elegance: the object of the original discourse is to prove the superiority of the consolations afforded by revealed religion.
  • Two Discourses on the Spirit and Evidences of Christianity 1768 translated from the French of Mr James Armand. To this work he prefixed a long dedication to the Moderator of the General Assembly.
  • Panegyric on Great Britain 1773
  • The Graham, an Heroic Ballad, in Four Cantos 1774, intended to promote a good understanding between the natives of England and Scotland.
  • He contributed to the Encyclopedia Britannica, in 1783, the article Blind. He is also said to have written the Essay on Poetry, and others on various subjects in the same work. Dr Blacklock left behind him in manuscript some volumes of sermons, and a Treatise on Morals.

An edition of his poems in 1793 contains a life by Henry Mackenzie.