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  • Bay of Fundy [r]: A bay on the Gulf of Maine's northeast end, mostly between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia but touching upon Maine. [e]
  • Boston, Lincolnshire [r]: Port in Lincolnshire on the East coast of England. [e]
  • Earthquake [r]: Sudden motion or trembling of Earth, which results from shock waves generated by the elastic movement of rock masses deep within the Earth, particularly near boundaries of tectonic plates. [e]
  • Littoral (military) [r]: In a military context, waterways where relatively light shore-based weapons are potential threats, and in water shallow enough to change the "blue ocean" techniques for submarine warfare. [e]
  • Marine biology [r]: The study of life in the seas and oceans. [e]
  • Month [r]: Unit of time originally corresponding approximately to one cycle of the moon's phases, or about 30 days or 4 weeks. [e]
  • Ocean circulation [r]: The constant motion of the ocean waters caused by winds, the gravity pull of both Moon and Sun and seawater density differences. [e]
  • Sun [r]: The star that defines our solar system. [e]
  • Tidal force [r]: Gravitational forces acting on an extended body as a result of the varying distance between the source of the gravitational force, and the different parts of the extended body. [e]
  • Universal Time [r]: (UT) A measurement of time based on the rotation of the Earth as determined by astronomical observations; it may vary by as much as 0.9 seconds from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). [e]
  • Venus (planet) [r]: The second planet from the Sun in our solar system; named after the Roman goddess of love. [e]