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A list of key readings about Tony Blair.
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For the biography see Tony Blair

Journalistic reports

Books about Tony Blair

  • Abse, Leo (2001) Tony Blair: The Man Behind the Smile. Robson Books, ISBN 1-86105-364-9 Written by a former, left-wing Labour MP, updated as Tony Blair: the man who lost his smile Robson Books, ISBN 1861056982.
  • Beckett F, Hencke D (2004) The Blairs and Their Court. Aurum Press, ISBN 1-84513-024-3 See extracts here.
  • Beckett F, Hencke D (2006)The Survivor: Tony Blair in Peace and War . Aurum Press, ISBN 184513110X. Written by two investigative journalists, this book was nominated for Britain’s Channel 4 "Political Book of the Year" Award.
  • Naughtie, James (2001) The Accidental American: Tony Blair and the Presidency. Macmillan, ISBN 1-4050-5001-2. James Naughtie is a broadcaster with the BBC, and political journalist. Interview inThe Washington Post.
  • Naughtie, James (2002) The Rivals. Fourth estate, ISBN 1841154741 The hardback version was subtitled Blair and Brown: the Intimate Story of a Political Marriage. Inspired the Channel Four televion drama The Deal.[1]
  • Rawnsley, Andrew (2000) Servants of the People: The Inside Story of New Labour. Hamish Hamilton, ISBN 0-241-14029-3. by a political journalist.
  • Rentoul, John (2001) Tony Blair: Prime Minister. Little Brown, ISBN 0-316-85496-4. First sentence: "Tony Blair's political ambition began at the age of eleven, when his father Leo's ended, on 4 July 1964."
  • Riddell, Peter (2004) The Unfulfilled Prime Minister: Tony Blair and the End of Optimism. Politico's Publishing, ISBN 1-84275-113-1. Review (..Where did it all go wrong?") in the New Statesman.
  • Seldon, Anthony (2004) Blair. Free Press, ISBN 0-7432-3211-9. Written by a historian and social commentator; see Selson on video "Tony Blair in History": introducing a Conference on "What ever happened to Cool Britannia? The UK after eight years of Blair." Montreal, August 2005.
  • Short, Clare (2004) An Honourable Deception? New Labour, Iraq, and the Misuse of Power. Free Press, ISBN 0-7432-6392-8. Clare Short was a left-wing minister in Blair's Cabinet; she resigned three times; twice in protest at Government policies in the two Gulf Wars and once in a protest against anti-terrorism legislation[2].
  • Stephens, Philip (2004) Tony Blair: The Making of a World Leader. Viking Books. ISBN 0-670-03300-6. Written by a senior editor of The Financial Times. Review [ Argues that for Blair, "ending the tyranny in Iraq was a moral cause fully in accord with the teachings on just wars of Saint Augustine and Thomas Aquinas."
  • Stothard, Peter (2003) Thirty Days: Tony Blair and the Test of History HarperCollins, ISBN 0060582618. Review in The New Yorker. Sir Peter Stophard, a former Editor of The Times. accompanied Blair daily in routine days in spring 2003.
  • Temple, Michael. Blair (British Prime Ministers of the 20th Century) (2006) excerpt online

Scholarly studies

  • Bevir, Mark and Rhodes, R. A. W. (2006) "Prime Ministers, Presidentialism and Westminster Smokescreens." Political Studies 54:671-90. Issn 0032-3217 Fulltext: Ebsco
  • Bartle, John, and Anthony King. Britain at the Polls, 2005 (2005) excerpt and text search
  • Elden, Stuart (2007) "Blair, Neo-conservatism and the War on Territorial Integrity." International Politics 44:37-57. Issn 1384-5748
  • Fielding, Steven (2003) The Labour Party: Continuity and Change in the Making of New Labour. Palgrave, 247 pp., offers a systematic argument that the Labour Party, under Blair's leadership, has been faithful to its past, and represents "traditional values in a modern setting." ISBN 0333973925
  • Foley, Michael (2003) John Major, Tony Blair and a Conflict of Leadership: Collision Course. Manchester University Press, 212 pp. ISBN 0719063175
  • Foley, Michael (2001) The British Presidency: Tony Blair and the Politics of Public Leadership
  • Gardner, Lloyd C (2005) "'Damned High Wire,' on the Special Relationship That Unites Bush and Blair in Iraq." Journal of Transatlantic Studies 3(1 Supplement):43-62. Issn: 1479-4012 Fulltext: Ebsco
  • Giddens, Anthony. (1998) The Third Way: The Renewal of Social Democracy excerpt and text search
  • Gray, John (2004) "Blair's Project in Retrospect." International Affairs 80:39-48. Issn: 0020-5850 Fulltext: [ Ebsco ], argues Blair's project for closer relations with Europe was seriously damaged by his misjudged support for US foreign policy in Iraq in 2002-04.
  • Hill, Paul T. "Lessons from Blair's School Reforms." Policy Review, No. 131, 2005. online edition
  • Jones, Nicholas (2000). Sultans of Spin: The Media and the New Labour Government. Orion Books. * King, Anthony, ed. (1998) New Labour Triumphs: Britain at the Polls. Chatham House, 259pp. ISBN 1566430577 online edition
  • King, Anthony, ed. Britain at the Polls: 2001 (2001)
  • Needham, Catherine (2005) "Brand Leaders: Clinton, Blair and the Limitations of the Permanent Campaign." Political Studies 53:343-61. Issn: 0032-3217 Fulltext: Ebsco
  • Norton, Bruce F. (2007) Politics in Britain, textbook excerpt and text search
  • Reitan, Earl A. (2003) The Thatcher Revolution: Margaret Thatcher, John Major, and Tony Blair, and the Transformation of Modern Britain, 1979-2001. Rowman & Littlefield, 260 pp. ISBN 0742522032
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  • Wither, James K. "British Bulldog or Bush's Poodle? Anglo-American Relations and the Iraq War," Parameters, Vol. 33, 2003 online edition

Primary sources

  • King, Anthony, ed. British Political Opinion 1937-2000: The Gallup Polls (2001)


  • Blair, Tony A Journey, Harper Press 2010
  • Campbell, Alastair The Blair Years: The Alastair Campbell Diaries. Knopf, ISBN 0307268314. By the controversial Press Secretary to Tony Blair. Review (Review)
  • Darling, Alistair: Back from the Brink: 1000 days at Number 11, Atlantic Books, 2011
  • Gould, Philip The Unfinished Revolution: How New Labour changed British politis for ever, Little Brown, 2011.
  • Mandelson, Peter: The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour, HarperPress 2010


  • Blair, Tony: interviewed by Andrew Marr, BBC2, 12 September, 2010/
  • Mandelson, Peter: interviewed by Andrew Marr, BBC2, 07 June 2009[3]

Historical Documents

  • The Butler Report "Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction. Report to the House of Commons, 14th July 2004. Full text (1Mb). See The Guardian: Butler Report: Key Findings. The Report concluded that, in March 2002 the available intelligence was "insufficiently robust" to prove Iraq was in breach of the United Nations' resolutions, and that some of the human intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was "seriously flawed" and "open to doubt", but found no evidence of "deliberate distortion" of the intelligence material or of "culpable negligence".
  • Chilcot Enquiry[4].
  • Hutton Report[5]
  • Report of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee on the decision to go to war in Iraq[6].