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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Unique factorization.
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  • Basis (linear algebra) [r]: A set of vectors that, in a linear combination, can represent every vector in a given vector space or free module, and such that no element of the set can be represented as a linear combination of the others. [e]
  • Dedekind domain [r]: A Noetherian domain, integrally closed in its field of fractions, of which every prime ideal is maximal. [e]
  • Fermat's last theorem [r]: Theorem that the equation an + bn = cn has no solutions in positive integers a, b, c if n is an integer greater than 2. [e]
  • Greatest common divisor [r]: The largest positive natural number which divides evenly all numbers given. [e]
  • Prime Number Theorem [r]: The number of primes up to some limit X is asymptotic to X divided by the logarithm of X. [e]
  • Prime number [r]: A number that can be evenly divided by exactly two positive whole numbers, namely one and itself. [e]