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Welcome to the Citizendium Pilot Project

This is the home page for the Citizendium pilot project. Its aim is to set up a functioning Citizendium wiki encyclopedia project, demonstrate that it can work, and get it ready for a public launch.

What is the most important thing that could be done here? Simple: Work on articles. The more articles improved over the pre-fork versions, the more viable our enterprise appears to the rest of the world, the more people will join and make it viable. The content-rich get content-richer!

Access (including reading) is currently limited to registered users only, please follow this link for more information and application directions.

Quick Help

If this is your first visit, here are some tips:

For technical problems:

  • If you get a weird error message, refresh the page, or do a "hard refresh" (ctrl-F5 in Windows) of the page you're trying to view.
  • If you are still having trouble, mail immediately.

Citizendium personnel are informally divided up into discipline workgroups. Workgroup's homepages are at Φ. The articles corresponding to workgroup names are good places to look for important articles to edit, and we want these articles themselves to be excellent as well.

Natural Science
Astronomy Φ - Biology Φ - Chemistry Φ - Earth Sciences Φ - Health Sciences Φ - Mathematics Φ - Physics Φ - Other
Social Sciences
Anthropology Φ - Archaeology Φ - Economics Φ - Education Φ - Geography Φ - Law Φ - Linguistics Φ - Politics Φ - Psychology Φ - Sociology Φ - Other
Classics Φ - History Φ - Literature Φ - Philosophy Φ - Religion Φ - Other
Architecture Φ - Music Φ - Theater Φ - Visual Arts Φ - Other
Applied Arts
Agriculture Φ - Business Φ - Computers Φ - Engineering Φ - Healing Arts Φ - Journalism Φ - Library and Information Science Φ - Media Φ - Military Φ - Other
Games Φ - Hobbies Φ - Sports Φ - Other
Approved articles

Approved Articles represent what Citizendium is all about: Combining the energy of countless contributors with the wisdom of recognized experts. Browse the list of approved articles to see some of Citizendium's finest.

This week's approved article is:

Live articles

Live articles are those that have been edited by a Citizendium contributor after being forked. This means that while they have not yet reached the standard of an approved article, work is actively being done on them. Browse our live article list to see if there is one you can help out on.

This week's live article is:
Abbotsford House

Important Note

Please backup major changes elsewhere as the wiki software is undergoing development, and excuse us if the wiki breaks for short periods. This will be avoided if at all possible.


A forge for Software Development of Citizendium is open at:

Please use the bug tracker for bugs with pilot: