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Alexander J.C. Para, President & CEO of United States Futsal Federation (USFF). Under the banner of United States Soccer, U.S Futsal is the National Governing Body of the sport of Futsal (indoor soccer) in the United States. Originally elected President of USFF after having served for six years a Executive Vice-President in 1986. Alex J.C. Para has guided USFF to national stature including its integration into The United States Soccer Federation. As Vice-President of FIFUSA he was involved with the integration of many of the member nations of FIFUSA into FIFA in 1989, and a member of FIFA's original Futsal Committee and serving on it until the year 2000. He was a member of the Board of Directors of United States Soccer for fifteen years and is currently a member of the Futsal Committee of CONCACAF.

Re-elected to his sixth term, Alex J.C. Para has embarked on other ambitious programs for the forthcoming years, one of them is to be the host nation for FIFA's sixth Futsal World Championship, in the year 2008.

Alex J.C. Para has devoted a lot of his time to the sport, both as a participant and as an executive. He played soccer at Chabot College and at the University of California at Berkeley, and also at the amateur level for teams in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been active in youth soccer and has served as an active referee since 1972. He has refereed at the professional level in leagues such as the NASL, MISL, ASL, and APSL. He become a National Soccer Referee in 1985. In the Futsal arena he became an International Futsal Referee in 1984, having refereed in the first North American Futsal Cup (1984), the Pan American Futsal Championship in Brasil(1984), the Second FIFUSA World Championship in Spain (1985), the First Pacific Cup Championship in Australia (1987), and the second Pacific Cup Championship in Mexico (1989). He retired as a Futsal Referee when he became a member of FIFA's Futsal Committee in 1990. Although, he retired as a National Soccer Referee in 1995. He still referees as an Emeritus Referee in the San Francisco Soccer League and is a National Referee of NISOA.