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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

Hourglass drawing.svg Where Bruce lives it is approximately: 15:18

I live in San Diego, California, and work as a freelance provider of editorial services to publishers and authors, mostly in the field of East Asian history, but also in other areas including religious studies and English literature. Some details of my editorial experience can be seen at my LinkedIn profile.

Previously, I developed and tested computer software and managed technical groups for over 20 years, mostly at SAS Institute, and taught writing at Richland College, SMU, and UCSD. I received a BS in Math/Computer Science from UNC-Chapel Hill (honors paper: "Computerized Legal Research"), an MA from Duke (thesis: "Ideology in the U.S. Labor Department's Dictionary of Occupational Titles"), and an MFA in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts (thesis: "The Poetics of Rage").

Several literary magazines and the website Verse Daily have published my poems, one of which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and I am the co-author of two nonfiction books.

PGP users can email me using key ID 0x2cd009d3; I am also a CAcert user and assurer (certificate on request).


I stole from Aleta Curry the idea of keeping helpful hints for myself (and anyone else who wants to use them) here so I won't forget how to do certain things in CZ.

CZ:How to has a lot of how-to info.

CZ:Naming Conventions is just that.

For wikilinks the order is: [[Real name of article | What you want displayed]]. For links to external websites the order is the same but the syntax is slightly different: [ What you want displayed] (no vertical bar, single set of brackets).

To insert footnotes in an article, put the text of the footnote between <ref> and </ref>. That will create the superscript number. But also, at the bottom of the article, where you want the text of the footnotes to appear, put ==Notes== (or References or Footnotes or whatever you want the heading to be), and on the next line, put <references/> (note that forward slash after the keyword).

To display wiki markup keywords literally, and suppress their interpretation (i.e., to "macro-quote" them, in SAS Macro parlance), use the keyword <nowiki> .

To browse a list of all templates, click on "Special pages" in the left-hand column, then select the "Templates" namespace.

You might find this useful too: CZ:Templates. Templates are organised by function.

This explains how Definition Templates work:,1374.0.html .

The suggested subdivisions of "gazetteer" geography articles can be found at .

To alphabetize: Sometimes, in the list of articles in the "Live" category or another category, an article will not appear in the correct alphabetical order specified by the "abc=" field of the checklist. To force re-alphabetization, make a meaningless change (like adding a blank space) to the main article, and remove any "Categories:" specifications from the bottom of the main article. Thanks to Chris Day and Matt Innis for discovering these fixes and posting them in the Technical forum in early May 2008.

To make xxx redirect to yyy: Create page xxx, and in it, put the single line #REDIRECT [[yyy]] .

To go to the redirect page for "Whatever" rather than to what it redirects you to, go to

To suggest a rename: in the Talk page, put {{Rename}} .

To report duplicate articles: in the Talk page, put {{duplicate|Foo}} , where "Foo" is the title of the other article.

"Transclusion/translcuding", a word whose meaning cannot be found by looking in either M-W Unabridged or the OED, is sort of explained here, as are the very poorly chosen keywords that implement it (such as "includeonly" versus "onlyinclude"). Hocus pocus abracadabra wiki-wiki-woo.

To report bugs use Bugzilla; make feature requests at CZ:Wishlist.

To change the banner at the top of every page, edit MediaWiki:Sitenotice. Only sysops etc. can do this.

Useful stuff plagiarized from Howard Berkowitz's user page:

Disambiguation page: {{dabhdr|foo}} {{r|foo-meaning-1}} {{r|foo-meaning-2}} {{disambig}}

Table: {| class="wikitable" <center>'''Title if used DNS'''</center> |- ! Column 1 Header ! Column 2 Header ! Column 3 Header |- | Row 1, Column 1 | Row 1, Column 2 | Row 1, Column 3 |- | Row 2, Column 1 | Row 2, Column 2 | Row 2, Column 3 |- | Row 3, Column 1 | Row 3, Column 2 | Row 3, Column 3 |}

Other stuff:

The Editorial Council has its wiki at

The list of articles that need speedydelete is at

New account requests to be processed are at