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I was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and have lived in Oklahoma and Texas. I have been a Certified Surgical Technologist since 1990. I currently work in a large hospital in Tulsa. I live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I have a BA in Letters with a minor in Medieval Studies from the University of Oklahoma. I studied Medieval History in graduate school at the University of Texas, Austin, but did not take a degree.

My main interest here will be Medieval art, especially illuminated manuscripts. Other interests may include: other aspects of the Middle Ages, birds and birding, traditional Irish and Scottish music, Oklahoma history and geography, science fiction and fantasy, children's literature, and folk-lore and tales.

I am active on Wikipedia, where I have contributed under my name, and as Dsmdgold.

Articles to create:

Articles started by me:

Here's a copy of the blank Article Checklist template and it's instructions that you can copy and paste onto the talk page of articles. Once you have filled out the checklist, delete the instructions!

{{#switch: {{{info}}}

<!--general article properties-->
|       pagename = 
|        variant = 

<!--Required for checklist-->

|            abc =  
|      cat_check = 
|         status = currently no status
|    underlinked = 
|        cleanup = 
|             by = 
|           cat1 = 
|           cat2 = 
|           cat3 = 
|           sub1 = 
|           sub2 = 
|           sub3 = 
|           tab1 = 
|           tab2 = 
|           tab3 = 

<!--required for ToApprove template-->
|    article url = 
|    subpage url = 
|        cluster = 
|            now = 
|     ToA editor = 
|    ToA editor2 = 
|    ToA editor3 = 
|           date = 

<!--required for Approved template-->
|       A editor = 
|      A editor2 = 
|      A editor3 = 


In brief:

  • pagename: must contain the correct name of the article.
  • variant: records the dialect of English which the article is written in.

  • abc: means the form of the title for alphabetization, e.g. "Doherty, John" or "Orient, The". Please think this one through.
  • cat_check: put "yes" if you want someone to check over the categories.
  • status: 0 for approved articles; 1 developed, 2 developing, 3 stub, 4 external
  • underlinked: put "yes" if not enough other articles link to it (click "What links here" at left)
  • cleanup: put "yes" if basic cleanup has been done.
  • by: obsolete; leave blank.
  • cat1, cat2 and cat3: workgroups; fill in numerical order.
  • sub1, sub2 and sub3: sub-workgroups; fill in numerical order.
  • tab1, tab2 and tab3: per-article subpages; fill in numerical order.

  • article url: a URL link to the version to approve.
  • subpage url: a URL link to the version of a subpage to approve.
  • cluster: blank unless the whole cluster needs to be approved.
  • now: the date and time when the nomination was made.
  • ToA editor, ToA editor2, ToA editor3: name of the editor(s) who nominated the article for approval; fill in numerical order.
  • date: deadline for comments (format yyyymmdd).

  • A editor, A editor2, A editor3: copied from ToA editor etc when Approval is completed.