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Dr D.C.Misra

An Independent E-governance, Governance, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Knowledge Management (KM) Consultant (2001-05, 2006-) with more than 41 years of ‘hands-on” experience in E-governance and Governance. Formerly Chief Knowledge Officer, Government of Mauritius (2005-06)and of the Indian Administrative Service (1965-2001). I was Chief Secretary, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Chief Secretary, Government of Goa, Chief Secretary, Andaman and Nicobar Administration, Deputy Secretary, Director and Joint Secretary, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Government of India, Development Commissioner, Delhi, Chairman, District Rural Development Delhi, Chairman, Delhi Energy Development Agency, Member-Secretary, State Council of Science and Technology, Delhi, Member-Secretary, State Environment Council, Delhi, Additional Relief Commissioner, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, Extension Commissioner, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, Central Registrar of Co-operative Societies,Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, Additional Relief Commissioner, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, Chairman and Managing Director, Delhi Financial Corporation and President, Council of State Industrial Development and Investment Corporations of India (COSIDICI).

A Ph. D. from New Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia, I was a post-doctoral Visiting Fellow at the Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford, United Kingdom and Chairman Task Force for IT Policy for Delhi. I am Adviser, E-government and ICT4D on Development Gateway, Founder-President, Indian Society of eGovernance (online) (, and Editor, Indian Journal of eGovernance (online)(, I maintain a blog on egov-india ( and also own and moderate the cyberquiz think tank on ICTs (, archives at dc_misra[at]

Recent Contributions

Misra, D.C. (2007a): E-government as a Strategy of Development Policy: A Model from Mauritius, New Delhi, Research and Information System in Developing Countries (RIS)(forthcoming)

Misra, D.C. (2007b): Public CIO: An International Experience, Dataquest eGov Summit, New Delhi, March 1 (forthcoming)

Misra, D.C. (2007c): Defining E-government: A citizen-centric criteria-based approach, e-Governance Compendium 2007, New Delhi, Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), 10th National Conference on e-Governance, February 2-3, 2006, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India Theme: Avant-garde issues in e-governance (forthcoming)

Misra, D.C. (2007d): eMLA: A Training Programme in E-governance for State Legislators, for INCITE (Indian Networks Cooperation in Information Society Technology with Europe) Project, New Delhi, January 23

Misra, D.C. (2007e): Ten Guiding Principles for Knowledge Management in E-government, in Proceedings of First International Conference on Knowledge Management for Productivity and Competitiveness, 11-12, January, 2007, New Delhi, National Productivity Council (in Press)

Misra, D.C. (2006a): Ten Emerging E-government Challenges Today: The Future May be Sober and Not Hype, Keynote Address in 4th International Conference on E-governance, December 15, 2006, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, in Sahu, G.P. (ed.) (2006): Delivering E-government, New Delhi, Gift Publishing, Global Institute of Flexile Systems Management, Chapter 2, pp 6-14

Misra, D.C. (2006b): India’s National Knowledge Commission: Lessons for Mauritius, Port Louis, Mauritius, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Resource Paper-1 for the Chief Information Officers (CIOs). Prepared under the aegis of Commonwealth Secretariat, London.

Misra, D.C. (2005): India’s National Knowledge Commission Must Address the Problem of Educated Unemployed, Employment News, New Delhi, XXX (20) 1-2, Independence Day Issue

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