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Daddy (Me) and David. Davids laptop has long since been turned into a paperweight

Hourglass drawing.svg Where Drew lives it is approximately: 13:17

Hi guys. I haven't been able to write in a LONG time, because the hard-drive in my laptop was fried while playing a video game. I probably won't be able to write very often now, but I will be here from time to time. I'm enrolled in Hawaii Job Corps, and have very little free time which can be used on the internet. Oh, and thanks for approving Kamehameha. That made my day.

Significant pages I have created

These include all articles, major policies, major templates, and any other important pages I have created. Note, the legend only applies to articles. Articles entirely imported from wikipedia, save for the ones I created at wikipedia, do not appear here

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Developing Article Hawaiian alphabet

Developing Article Hawaiian bible

Developing Article Hiram Bingham

Stub Native Hawaiians

Developing Article Hawaiian language

Stub Nimitz Highway

Developed Article Mauna Kea

Approved Article Kamehameha I


Developed Article Fish

Developed Article Common Goldfish

Developed Article Comet (goldfish)

Developed Article Nymph (goldfish)

Developed Article Bubble-eye Goldfish

Developed Article Cyprinids

Stub Characins

Stub Cichlids

Stub Anabantids

Stub Killifishes

Stub Catfishes

Stub Loaches

Stub Livebearing fish

Stub Coldwater freshwater fishes

Stub Tropical marine fishes

Stub Coldwater marine fishes

Developing Article Gobioides broussonnetii - WP Import. I was the sole author


Developing Article The Dead Weather


Developed Article Wonders of the world

Developed Article Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


Developing Article The Age of Ra


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