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I was born in the late 1950s, just outside the Ruhr area of Western Germany. I read English language and literature, political sciences and journalism at university, dropping out when I was offered to enter professional life as a newspaper editor in the south-western Federal Republic of Germany. For more than 20 years now I have been working as an editor, managing editor, author, reporter, presenter, and voice-over for various nationwide sports, news, and human interest magazines on private and public television stations in various German cities. After reunification I moved to the eastern part of Germany and now live and work in the Leipzig area. In the beginning of 2006 I discovered Wikipedia and have since made more than 15,000 edits on German WP starting more than 500 articles, my main interest being biographies of association football players (mainly from the Netherlands and Germany) and articles on artists or bands in popular music, nonetheless having made the odd contribution to many an other topic. Regarding myself as not really being an expert on any field, I chose Jo Atmon as my nom de plume on Wikipedia - an acronym of Jack of all trades, master of none.