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I am an American in his 30s living in the U.K., educated in Los Angeles and Sheffield, received a Petrie Watson Scholarship and the Moore Smith English Prize from the University of Sheffield; and now work full-time as an author of fiction and non-fiction books. My main interests are phenomenology (Heidegger, Levinas, Derrida); film (particularly Stanley Kubrick); literature (particularly seventeenth- and eighteenth-century poetry); and classical music (particularly Alfred Schnittke). Some of my books in the pipeline to be published include three novels and a 2,000-page biography of the legendary American billionaire Howard Hughes. My own personal website is found at [1]

Some of my online works include

A Shot-by-Shot Analysis of the First Twenty Minutes of Eyes Wide Shut

The Zooms in Barry Lyndon

A Commentary on the First Movement of Alfred Schnittke's Symphony No. 2

Comus Downgraded, an amusing updating of John Milton's masque, Comus


Pages I have started:

John Milton

Violin Concerto (Beethoven)


Flat Eric

Paper (disambiguation) (With Aleta Curry)

Dmitry Shostakovich

Battle of Los Angeles

Symphony (winner of Best New Draft of the Week, 25 October 2007)

Rita Hayworth

Steven Spielberg

World's Fair

John Landis

Michael Cimino

John Belushi

Korean War

Cary Grant

U.S. commercial aviation history to 1966‎

Milestones in early flight (1919 - 1938)

Hugh Hefner

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Schnittke

Pages I have developed from a stub:

Stanley Kubrick

Pages to which I have contributed at least a paragraph (added with approval):



Massachusetts, History

Pages for which I have inspired at least a paragraph:

Dwight D. Eisenhower