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Date and place of birth: December 17, 1974; Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Citizenship: Lithuania, EU.

Present residence: Bern, Switzerland


1982-1993:Klaipeda School No. 19;

1993-1997 and 1997-1999: Faculty of Natural Sciences,Vilnius Pedagogical University (biology);

1997: BSc degree in natural sciences;

1999: MSc degree in natural sciences.

1994-1996 Private College "Lingua et Commercium" (Economics, Marketing, Informatics, German and English).

1999-2000: Dept. Anatomy and Cell Biology, East Carolina University School of Medicine.

2002-2004: University of Basel.

2004: PhD degree in biochemistry.

Bachelor's thesis: „Influence of cytokines on the proliferation and differentiation of bovine blood lymphocytes“.

Master's thesis: „Influence of protein kinases and nucleotide analogues on the differentiation and apoptosis of the HL-60 cell line“.

PhD thesis: „ErbB2 Signaling in Breast Cancer: the role of ErbB, Akt and ShcA phosphorylation“.

Work experience:

1996-1997: Institute of Immunology, Lithuania (undergraduate student);

1997-1999: Institute of Biochemistry, Lithuania (laboratory assistant);

1999-2000: Dept. Anatomy and Cell Biology, East Carolina University School of Medicine, Greenville, NC, USA (PhD student).

2000-2001 GSF Research Center, Munich, Germany (PhD student)

2002-2004: Molekulare Tumorbiologie, Department Forshung, Kantonspital Basel and Stiftung Tumorbank Basel (PhD student)

2005-2007: Division of Clinical Immunology, Departement of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Bern (postdoc).

2008: Evolutionary Biology, Zoological Institute, University of Basel (postdoc)

2009-2010: Unit of Gene Therapy & Stem Cell Biology, Hõpital Jules-Gonin, Lausanne (postdoc)

Since 1.3.2010 Laboratory for Molecular Medicine and Hematology, Department of, Clinical Research, Inselspital Bern (postodc)


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