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My Userplan

I'm back, baby!

About me

I am currently freelancing as a software engineer.

I have a passion for not only increasing my own knowledge but helping others access free (as in freedom) knowledge.


I am particularly interested in: (in no particular order) Science, Technology, Theology, Philosophy, Politics and Music (and, particularly, how they relate to and converge with each other in society).


Citizendium focus

I will probably be restricted to authoring a few article stubs in the Computer Workgroup and hopefully develop them into full articles with the help of others.

I will generally make minor improvements to, and monitor, articles in the Religion and Science Workgroups but I don't really have enough expertise in those areas to do any significant authoring.

Computer Workgroup activity

Link to Computers Workgroup

Current work

Planned work

Religion Workgroup activity

Link to Religion Workgroup

Current work

  • Young earth creationism - Restructured and re-wrote. Keeping a watch to ensure it remains neutral and accurate. This is the sort of article where opinions and feelings run high on both sides and if CZ can remain neutral on this (and some other articles) then I am confident we can succeed where other projects fail.

Planned work

  • [list to be added]

Neutrality Policy

Every author should make sure they fully understand the Citizendium Neutrality Policy in full before editing or creating any controversial articles (or, indeed, all articles).

The above is paramount to the success of this project; the misunderstanding and misapplication of the Neutrality Policy is a common problem on wikis (especially Wikipedia, in my personal opinion). Please let that not happen to the Citizendium—avoid endless edit wars by being familiar with and ruthlessly applying this policy in your writing.

Larry Sanger wrote many useful articles on the concept of neutrality on his blog and it's worth familiarising yourself with these if you plan to author/edit a controversial article.

[Specific links to blog and forum posts on neutrality to be added here]

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