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I am located in New Jersey, and am a fan of coffee shops, learning new musical instruments, eclectic religions, and human behavior. I'm a picky eater (partial vegan) and am a strong advocate of both civil and human rights.

I am college "transfer-in-progress" student looking to study Secondary Education, Religion, and Psychology. In order to effectively educate one another, we must first understand one another! Religion and psychology provide plentiful--though still incomplete--grounds for mutual understanding.

In learning, the student's conditioning is his only major barrier in. Students who cling to their own ideals will fail to accept others' teachings, no matter how sound. However, if the teacher understands the student's ideological obstructions, it can be worked around. Presenting information clearly and objectively, with little room for misinterpretation, can do little harm. Everyone is intelligent and capable of understanding complex ideas.