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T. Mark Ellis was born in 1955 in Southern Indiana. He was an extremely withdrawn underachiever during his college years, and although he received a B.A. with a double major in chemistry and physics from Indiana University in 1976, his attempts at graduate school proved futile. During the 1976-1977 academic year, he was one of the worst teaching assistants in the history of the Ohio State physics department, while making substandard grades in the Chemical Physics program. He moved to Yuma, Arizona in 1980, never having seen the place, to take a job as a mathematician and scientific applications programmer at Yuma Proving Ground. He has been employed as a programmer ever since except for one more very brief attempt at graduate school in 1984, which ended with a return to Indiana during his father's last illness, and a two-year retreat to work on his own music and writing projects in 1993-1995. His use of lithium and serotonin-boosters since 1987 has made him something closer to a fully-functioning human being, and he has been married since 2000. However, his creative projects remain perpetually unfinished, occasionally dribbling out onto the Internet and then disappearing with the next rewrite or website redesign. A few things may still be at this site.

He currently lives in Minnesota, writes software for digital imaging, plays the guitar, and continues to write fiction and nonfiction.