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I'm currently an Assistant Professor in the Law School at the University of Warwick. Prior to coming to Warwick I practiced international commercial arbitration and litigation at White and Case in New York.

I work primarily in the areas of private international law and legal theory, with secondary interests in EU Law, contract and evidence. In general terms, I focus on questions of what might be called legal structure, addressing the architecture of legal practices and institutions, and on the relationship between legal practices and ordinary social interactions. My overall goal is to reach an improved understanding of the relationship between law and society, through the study of the use of law in specific concrete situations. At the moment I am working on the role of national law in bilateral investment treaty arbitration, the "defense of community" argument in international refugee law, American court practices relating to the admission of expert scientific testimony, and the place of society in the thought of H.L.A. Hart. I also work in Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics (especially meta-ethics and environmental ethics), and the History of Philosophy (especially Marx and Plato).

I also run the academic website Philosophy Lists (


1. Articles

"Commercial Arbitration in Japan: Contributions to the Debate on Japanese 'Non-Litigiousness'", forthcoming, Fall 2007, New York University Journal of International Law and Politics (2007).

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"Scalia and the Institutional Approach to Law", University of Toledo Law Review, 34 U. Tol. L. Rev. 559 (2003).

2. Book Reviews and Professional Publications

"Larry Laudan - Truth, Error and Criminal Law (2006)", forthcoming, Philosophy in Review (2007).

"William Outhwaite – The Future of Society (2006)", forthcoming, Philosophy in Review (2007).

"New York State Courts May Order Provisional Remedies in Support of International Arbitration," World Arbitration and Mediation Report, 17 World Arbitration & Mediation Rep. 176 (2006).

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