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This is a page I am using to track who is working on what in the circus section. I hope to establish a working group for the circus articles, as we now have a good number of circus folks over here.


The circus page is the base page in the constellation. This page should provide base overview information on the various topics, and then link to the main articles.

Circus Acts

The Circus Acts page should serve as a directory of all of the major types of circus acts, both past and present. This page should give brief descriptions of each act, and then link to a primary article on the individual act.

Circus Training

The circus training page should outline the basic views on circus arts training, and then link to more specific information on the various pedagogies and training methods.

Articles that have so far been started include:

That's as far as I have gotten. The Circus constellation needs a lot of work. Here are my plans so far:

  1. Break out the history section of Circus in to its own article.
  2. Create/expand articles in the Circus acts page. The page is currently little more than the outline.
  3. Circus Training has the start of articles for a few of the bigger pedagogies, but needs work.
    1. The skill outline in the Gurevich system (Circus) needs to be turned into a splatter chart so it will make sense to people.
    2. A splatter chart should be created to give a better view of the Hovey Burgess system (Circus)
    3. More pedagogies articles need to be created.
    4. Articles on theories need to be created (3 points of balance, etc)