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A list of key readings about Utopia.
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  • Carey, John (2000-10-26). Faber Book Of Utopias, New edition. Faber And Faber Ltd.. ISBN 0571203175.  "An anthology of schemes, stories and ideas which people have dreamt of as Utopia. Provides a picture of the hopes and desires of the age in which each Utopia was conceived. The anthology encompasses many noble and selfless schemes but also reveals a trail of folly, tyranny and attempts at social control." - publisher's synopsis
  • Noble, Richard (2009). Utopias. London ;Cambridge Mass.: Whitechapel Gallery ;;MIT Press. ISBN 9780262640695.  "Utopian strategies in contemporary art seen in the context of the histories of utopian thinking and avant-garde art." - publisher's synopsis.
  • Mumford, Lewis. The Story of Utopias. Forgotten Books. ISBN 1606201883, 9781606201886.  - "...a survey of the development of the concept of Utopia, by one of the foremost urban planning theorists of the 20th century. This was Mumford's first book." (Quote from sacred-texts.com)
  • Sargent, Lyman (1999-11-01). The Utopia Reader. NYU Press. ISBN 0814715710.  - a collection of utopian texts.

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