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A list of key readings about WASP.
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About the term "WASP"

  • Allen, Irving Lewis. Unkind Words: Ethnic Labeling from Redskin to Wasp (1990) online edition
  • Norri, Juhani. "Labelling of Derogatory Words in Some British and American Dictionaries," International Journal of Lexicography (2000) 13(2):71-106, discusses WASP and other derogatory words. abstract online

About the social category

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  • Konolige, Kit, and Frederica Konolige. The Power of Their Glory: America's Ruling Class, the Episcopalians (1978).
  • Longstreth, W. Thacher, and Dan Rottenberg. Main Line Wasp: The Education of Thacher Longstreth (1990) excerpt and text search
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  • Salk, Susanna. A Privileged Life: Celebrating Wasp Style (2007)
  • Schrag, Peter. The Decline of the WASP (1970)