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Wallbuilders is an organization concerned with what it perceives is the loss of proper teaching of American history, "with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built – a foundation which, in recent years, has been seriously attacked and undermined."

Its stated goals are "to exert a direct and positive influence in government, education, and the family by:[1]

  1. educating the nation concerning the Godly foundation of our country;
  2. providing information to federal, state, and local officials as they develop public policies which reflect Biblical values; and
  3. encouraging Christians to be involved in the civic arena.

A major role is publishing the work of its leader, David Barton, an evangelist. Glenn Beck has praised him as an information source. "...you know, David, everybody has a time and I have a feeling your time is coming. I don't know what your role is. I don't know what you're going to be doing, but my gut tells me you are one of the most important men in America for this message today. [2]

Mark Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame and a specialist in evangelicalism, said "Barton is a very hard-working researcher, but what I guess I worry about is the collapsing of historical distance, and the effort to make really anybody fit directly into the category of the early 21st century evangelicals..."I would say he is no worse than some of the Ivy League types who do the same thing, who say the founding fathers believed in separation of church and state and therefore we do, too."[3]


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