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Freely distributed in Washington, D.C. and also publishing on the World Wide Web, the Washington Examiner is a news outlet of generally conservative editorial policies. Stephen G. Smith is the editor-in-chief, with Mike Barnes as managing editor. John Wilpers, the Examiner's first editor-in-chief, resigned in December 2005.

It was created, in 2005, by merging three suburban papers, the Montgomery Journal, Prince George's Journal, and Northern Virginia Journal, adopting a format similar to that of the San Francisco Examiner. The San Francisco Examiner is owned by the Clarity Media Group, and Clarity has Examiners in multiple cities.

Clarity's controlling owner is Philip Anschutz. It acquired the Weekly Standard in 2009.[1]


Chris Stirewalt is the current political editor; his staff also provides national political news for the Baltimore, Boston and San Francisco Examiners. Previously, the post was held by Bill Sammon, who came to the Examiner from the Washington Times and now is the deputy managing editor for the Washington bureau of Fox News. Michael Barone is senior political analyst.


Heading the editorial page Mark Tapscott, with Quin Hillyer as the associate editor; Hillyer is also an editor for the American Spectator. Columnists include Byron York, Newt Gingrich and Gregory Kane.


Matthew Sheffield, executive editor of the Media Research Center blog NewsBusters, heads online publication. Mary Katherine Ham, former managing editor of Townhall.com was briefly online editor before moving to the Weekly Standard